Installations in Retail Spaces & Restaurants

From design concept to completion, we create spaces and shape experiences. To outweigh the convenience of online shopping, mall owners and retail spaces need to create memorable experiences and interactive adventures.

Carefully thought through art installations from Rajwaa & Epiphany will satisfy customers’ needs for immersive authenticity and interaction in their shopping.

No matter what kind of experience you desire for your shopping mall or retail space, our team of designers will be there every step of the way to create an environment with strong visuals, backed by an even stronger hook that meets and exceeds your criteria.

Seasonal Mall Art & Décor

Be it any time of the year, we make a big fuss out of the little things that go into creating that big Christmas wow or that dazzling Diwali decadence. No brief is too big or too outlandish.

We understand the nuances that goes into conceptualizing and producing seasonal art that hits your audiences’ sweet spot.

Delivering within tight timelines and leaving no stone unturned in our concept, we pride ourselves in delivering uncompromised, unbashful grandeur and never overlooking the smallest of details.

Restaurants & Hotel Art

Restaurants need to constantly evolve and entice there customers and this no longer happens only through their changing menus. This has now extended into the space they enter.

Whether its celebrating a new patisserie range, or a newly formulated house wine we create installations that entice and attract audiences to want to know more.

Installations can be used to highlight key festivals such as Chinese New Year, Christmas etc or even create a Instagram ready photo opportunity.

Window Displays

Windows displays have been relied upon to drive footfall in-store and tell your brand story for decades. In the digital age, that is disrupted with customers heads firmly in their phones. Rajwaa & Epiphany design and build engaging window schemes that are worthy of customers time and valuable attention.

We specialize in communicating brand messages with significant impact. Our team of designers will work closely with you to craft innovative window campaigns from concept creation all the way to installation.