The Company.

We are driven by one question and that is how to create moments of awe and wonder. At Rajwaa & Epiphany, we give structure and strategy to artistic curiosities.

We are forever on the lookout for exciting ways to represent mundane materials and clever ways of re-inventing common ones. Just as we love to challenge ourselves and take on the unknown, we like to challenge what is possible with materials within a space.

We are a bunch of fun-loving ambitious creative technicians and technical creators that push the boundaries of design.

The team here at Rajwaa & Epiphany is genuinely proud of the work that is produced and relish feedback from clients and exceeding expectations.

Having created installations for clients like Vogue India, Kala Ghoda, R City Mall, Nexus Group, Yauatcha, and Woodside Inn the team is eager to connect with individuals in retail and commerce that believe in the power of art installations to engage and entice a given audience.

Since its inception in 2017, The ethos of the company is that whatever is created must be inspiring, memorable, and original. Be it an art installation, a retail space, a window front, or a bespoke furniture piece.

The Founder.

I like to think of myself as a dedicated neuroscientist from Kings College London turned creative rouge on the streets of Mumbai who works with retail spaces, builders, and brands to create one of a kind experiences.

While studying Neuroscience I become interested in psychological response mechanisms but Art was always my calling. With the work I do, I finally found something where I could use both the free flow of art and the structure of science. London, being my birthplace, has always served as my source of inspiration and the place where my artistic tendencies were born and Mumbai became a place where they were realized.

My vision for Rajwaa & Epiphany is to create beautiful landmarks across the globe and as a company be known for its fearless design statements and technical prowess. A partner of choice to spaces and brands looking to evoke extraordinary moments for their audiences. I believe that people are our greatest assets and experience our highest order of being. My work marries the two nicely”

Roshni R Patel

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