Brand Experience

Brands around the world are choosing to engage audiences with marketing that is immersive. 3d rather than 2d. Interactive rather than static. Here at Rajwaa & Epiphany we ensure to create just that.

We create installations which are centered around the brands propositions. You have a story to tell. We tell it for you, through our installations.

Installation design for Musse Munchen, showcasing all the different sectors they are into. Developed for Nesco Grounds, Mumbai. 40ft(L)*12ft(H)

Installation design for Emirates. An Olfactory installation allowing audiences to “smell” the country instead of the usual method of seeing the countries. The installation invites you to experience the world map in a new and immersive way.

Pop-Up Concessions

Whether the art structures are used for Experiential marketing, PR stunts, product sampling or media backdrops, they create a strong memory hook and leave a mental footprint in the minds of the audience.

Branded Art

In the branding world today, remaining relevant and engaging in the real world is all you need to stand out in your field. Brands today put on elaborate corporate performances in a bid to achieve this.

Many projects are now blurring the line between branding and art.

At Rajwaa & Epiphany we love to blur lines, and we enjoy putting on shows of seduction and strategy, presenting the brand at its best.

We love to take the brand, its fabric and what it stands for and showcase it to the world through our art.

Installation design for Sejal Glass. Pioneers in innovative glass production processes. To bring their tagline to life ‘Reflecting Values’ we conceptualized an installation for their showroom. 4 glass dresses which strategically had lights placed within, allowing ‘reflections’ to be made on their walls.